RV owner digital online audience programmatic advertising

Reach motor home owners, popup camping trailer owners, travel trailer owners and 5th wheel owners. Target them across the entire country, in your state or other geographical areas online using our digital audience!

You get online impressions to recreational vehicle owners with our accurate RV enthusiast digital audience. Our RV owner audience is a great way to reach active campers and travelers in their permanent home while they’re on their phone, computer or tablet. These are people who love the outdoors and enjoy the camping lifestyle.

An RV is a large investment to make so these people have discretionary income to spend on their leisure lifestyle.

The people in our digital audience may be retired, or quit their jobs during the “great resignation” and enjoy the RV lifestyle year-round. Or, they could be actively employed in a career and use their RV on weekends, holidays or on vacation. They may have a larger RV for camping and traveling or tow their camper behind a truck.

Our RV digital audience guarantee:

We guarantee with our programmatic advertising, you will get the impressions we quote you. Scroll down for a table of online impressions and the costs.

Recreational vehicle owners and campers tend to either own a “Class A” RV, built on a bus chassis (these are the largest RVs), a “Class B” RV sometimes called a camper van and ideal for two people, or a “Class C” RV, which is built from a van chassis or built on a cutaway truck chassis with a separate cab. For example, Class C recreational vehicles can be built on a Ford F-550 chassis.

Need a to reach people online who love to travel in their RV? You’re in the right spot! Our enthusiast audiences include RVers from self-reported information and from browsing history and activity, from avid RV owners. These owners use their RV for travel and recreation at least three times per year.

Our RV owner audience selects give you options:

  • You pick the number of online impressions you want: 166,000 or 277,000 or even more impressions for a saturation campaign.
  • You pick the time frame: 2 weeks up to 6 weeks or even longer for a saturation campaign.
  • You pick the impressions per consumer: 4 up to 10 or more.
  • You pick the frequency per person including time between impressions.
  • Here’s an advantage to digital audiences: reach people by geography through geofencing. That lets you reach RV enthusiasts as they enter your geographic area while traveling!

Our RV audience gives you exposure:

  • Your banner ads can appear on 1 million quality websites, including national news, weather and sports websites.
  • Your banner ads can appear on mobile phones, desktops or tablets, or you can pick specific devices.
  • You can specify days or time of day; select impressions or clicks as a priority.
  • You can pick specific geographies and reach RV enthusiasts online as they move into your geographic area.

Popular uses for RV enthusiast digital online audiences

This RV owner online audience is good for reaching new customers for new RV dealerships, used RV dealers, campgrounds that accept Class A, B or C recreational vehicles, selling camping supplies and products, reaching active travelers, people who are travel enthusiasts but don’t want to use public transportation or airlines, and much more.

Level 2: For National Campaigns
277,000 online impressions
Recommended for national campaigns
$5,000 for 277,000 online impressions
Time frame options: 2 weeks up to 6 weeks
Impression options: 4 to 15 impressions per prospect
This audience needs a landing page URL to send clicks to
Precision targeting of individuals, up to 1 million websites
Level 3: Saturation Campaign
More than 277,000 impressions
For a saturation national campaign
Custom price quote
Time frame options: 2 weeks up to 6 weeks
Impression options: 10 to 15 or more impressions per prospect
This audience needs a landing page URL to send clicks to
Precision targeting of individuals, up to 2 million websites

To get your imagination going, here are some examples of people this large RV online audience can reach: affluent RV owners while using their computers, tablets or mobile phones, retired people who love the RV lifestyle, prospects to stop at a campground and more!