Digital online audiences let you reach enthusiasts online. This technology is also called programmatic advertising or real-time bidding (RTB).

How your ads reach enthusiast audiences:

Reaching online enthusiast audiences is simple. It’s done by connecting enthusiast audiences to websites or apps using ad exchanges. 

There are hundreds of ad exchanges. You’ve probably never heard of most of them. Most ad exchanges work behind the scenes, but there are a few that have websites with millions of visitors you’d probably recognize, like The Weather Channel, USA Today, and many popular news sites.

You may be thinking programmatic advertising is very expensive because there are some big websites involved, or there’s a lot of technology involved. But don’t worry. Remember, we’re not reaching broad audiences of millions of people, we’re targeting very specific people. We’re not targeting everyone that visits a website, we’re only targeting individual, anonymous members of a specific audience that we’ve tailored for your campaign. When an enthusiast visits a web page, in a tiny fraction of a second the ad exchange delivers a specific ad to a specific individual. That’s the magic of ad exchanges!

How we select your enthusiast audiences:

Selecting enthusiast audiences is a bit of art and science.

The most basic audience is a retargeting audience. These are individuals that have visited your website, or specific pages of your website.

Other audiences are available through companies that collect data. These are “big data” companies with billions of bits of information collected from what consumers buy, what they drive, where they shop, websites they visit, and so on. These bits of information are anonymized, so individuals are never identified and turned into an audience that is distributed to websites through ad exchanges.

Examples of enthusiast audiences include people who recently visited an auto parts chain store like AutoZone, people searching for a ski resort, people actively shopping for a powerboat or sailboat, people who recently purchased gardening equipment, people who do DIY auto repair and maintenance, people who recently shopped for home improvement products at Lowes, people who looked at mountain bikes online. There are tens of thousands of audiences. We can find the exact type of enthusiast you need to connect with.

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