hunting enthusiast audience, outdoor enthusiast digital audience

Reach outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and people who fish with a digital online audience. This marketing technology is a great way to reach active people who love the outdoors, on their phone, computer or tablet.

These are people who actively hunt using a rifle, bow hunting or shotgun, or fish in freshwater or salt water. Or, these are people who just love being outdoors with nature. You pick!

Our fishing and hunter online audience is accurate and reaches individual enthusiasts on 1 million websites and apps, whether they’re at home on their computer or away using their mobile phone.

Our fishing and hunting audience guarantee:

We guarantee with our programmatic advertising, you will get the impressions we quote you. Scroll down for a table of online impressions and the costs.

Need to reach people who fish? You’re in the right fishing hole! Our enthusiast database includes hunters and fishers from self-reported information, browsing history, online activity, consumer and lifestyle data, and other sources of consumer data. This online audience has proven outdoor lovers, nature enthusiasts, hunters and fishers.

Our hunting and fishing audience gives you options:

  • You pick the number of online impressions you want: 166,000 or 277,000 or even more impressions for a saturation campaign.
  • You pick the time frame: 2 weeks up to 6 weeks or even longer for a saturation campaign.
  • You pick the impressions per consumer: 4 up to 10 or more.
  • You pick the frequency per person including time between impressions.
  • Here’s an advantage to digital audiences: reach people by geography through geofencing. That lets you reach outdoor enthusiasts as they enter your geographic area, while traveling! If they have a cell phone signal you can even reach them while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Our fishing and hunting audience gives you exposure:

  • Your banner ads can appear on 1 million quality websites, including national news, weather, sports websites and mobile apps.
  • Your banner ads can appear on mobile phones, desktops or tablets, or you can limit it to specific devices.
  • You can specify days or time of day; select impressions or clicks as a priority.
  • You can pick specific geographies and reach outdoor enthusiasts online, as they move into your geographic area.
  • You can send visitors to your website, your Amazon products or your eBay store.

Popular uses for this programmatic advertising audience

This audience is good for promoting hunting and fishing gear, hunting or outdoor apparel, bait and tackle products, hiking footwear and apparel, travel packages including hunting lodges, in-market for buying an ATV or buying ATV accessories. They’re also great for in-market consumers for purchasing new or used trucks or truck accessories, subscriptions to outdoor magazines including hunting or fishing magazines, in-market for recreational vehicles (RVs) or campers, participating in fishing or hunting consumer shows or promoting regional or local hunting or fishing stores. There is some natural crossover between this audience and our RV owner mailing audience.

Level 2: For National Campaigns
277,000 online impressions
Recommended for national campaigns
$5,000 for 277,000 online impressions
Time frame options: 2 weeks up to 6 weeks
Impression options: 4 to 15 impressions per prospect
This audience needs a landing page URL to send clicks to
Precision targeting of individuals, up to 1 million websites
Level 3: Saturation Campaign
More than 277,000 impressions
For a saturation national campaign
Custom price quote
Time frame options: 2 weeks up to 6 weeks
Impression options: 10 to 15 or more impressions per prospect
This audience needs a landing page URL to send clicks to
Precision targeting of individuals, up to 2 million websites

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